About Wedding Rings

Origin Of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings have been adopted by most cultures around the world today. They originated from the Ancient Egyptians, symbolising eternity and that love has no beginning or end.

The reason we place the wedding ring on the ring finger on the left hand is because Egyptians believed that finger was “Vena Amoris” or “The Vein of Love”. The vein of love was thought to flow directly from the heart down to the tip of that finger.

In Ancient Roman times, rings were given as a public declaration of marriage and it was the Romans that spread this custom through the rest of the world.

A wedding or engagement ring now signifies the pure intention to marry and is a promise of lifelong commitment to one person.

Choosing A Ring

When choosing a ring we recommend considering these few things.

How does the ring sit on your finger? Does it sit up against your engagement ring?

If your engagement ring has a rather large stone you may find that a straight wedding ring leaves a gap, this bothers some people while others don’t mind. There is always the possibility of doing a curved wedding ring or have a ring custom made to fit around your engagement ring.

Different isn’t a bad thing, the trend of mismatched wedding rings is certainly taking off and we love it! You may choose to match your wedding ring with your engagement ring but don’t feel you have to. For example, if you have a solitaire engagement ring you may decide to do a patterned wedding ring or with diamonds. The choice is completely yours. If you need help choosing or would like to try on some different styles, we have many samples in store.

Diamonds are not only for women!

There are more and more wedding ring choices for men than ever before. A lot of men are now opting to add a diamond or choose an intricate design for their wedding ring.

You should not feel obligated to pick a plain ring just because it is tradition, a wedding ring should match your personality. Remember, you will wear this every day.
About Wedding Rings